Man-O-Man 2

The original Man-O-Man was compromised due to an early respiratory infection. Man-O-Man 2 was produced using our cloning technology. He produces semen very well and has had a tremendous influence around the world and is a favorite of many Holstein breeders. With a GTPI of +2247, he will strongly influence the genomic numbers of most Holstein heifers and cows. In addition, Man-O-Man 2 is the highest 100-percent RHA proven bull in the breed for TPI.

“While we will forever be appreciative of the genetics that Man-O-Man offered to breeders around the world, the torch has been passed to Man-O-Man 2,” says Vice President-Sales and Communications Gary Fassett. “Fortunately, Man-O-Man 2’s lifetime semen production has surpassed that of Man-O-Man. This will allow Holstein breeders to use Man-O-Man genetics for the foreseeable future.