Once upon a time, my best friend and soul mate was a world champion cow named Frannie. She was a dream come true, always writing fairy tales for me by making history breaking show records. After losing her unexpectedly, Viagen cloning held the best chance to continue working with this famous cow. History was made again with Frannie being the first and only known Ayrshire cloned. Soon enough, my angel was here, and what happened the day I met ‘Miss Fran’ the clone was nothing short of amazing! She knew me immediately and walked over to give me a kiss on my chin, just like Frannie did every time I walked into the barn. She loves honey-dipped donuts and apples just like Frannie did, and even chooses the same place and sleep position as Frannie did in the pack barn. When I sit beside her, she loves to cuddle up around me just like Frannie did. It is very comforting to have my best friend and soul mate back! Second chances are the best! I just wonder if Miss Fran will have a beautiful heifer calf on my birthday like Frannie did. Time will tell, as the fairy tale continues.