Cloning livestock empowers you to leverage the value of your most profitable animals

ViaGen Livestock is proud to be a worldwide leader in animal genetic preservation and cloning. We’ve successfully cloned thousands of farm animals and preserved the genes of thousands more. Working in collaboration with our parent company, Trans Ova Genetics, we bring over three decades of expertise in assisted reproductive technologies to meet the needs of our clients. Our team of veterinary scientists works in close collaboration with breeders and farmers to understand and deliver answers for their needs.

Whether your business is managing beef or dairy cattle, pigs, goats or sheep, we can help you greatly expand the reproductive potential of your top animals, keep up with demand for their semen, embryos and offspring, preserve their genes as insurance against unexpected injury or loss, quickly improve performance, quality, consistency and predictability within your herd, and expand your marketing opportunities.

Not all animals have the same income potential. Whether your business is dairy cattle, beef cattle, bucking bulls, longhorns or exotic cattle, we help you identify, preserve and reproduce the genetics of your top-producing cattle. We can help you create multiple genetic ‘twins’ to your top-producing dam, thereby greatly increasing the number of embryos and offspring.

You also have the opportunity to simultaneously mate her genetic ‘twins’ to multiple sires, which can help you quickly identify the ‘magical mating’ that produces the next generation of exceptional genetics. Additional copies of a top-producing sire ensure that you’ll have enough semen supplies to meet demand and will expand your opportunities to offer natural service sires.

Ovine & Caprine
Some goats and sheep far outperform their peers. ViaGen’s cloning services enable you to multiply the impact of these exceptional animals with superior performance and phenotype. By producing genetic ‘twins’, we can help you speed the production of the next generation of superior genetics, improving performance throughout the herd.

Whether you breed pigs for show or for food production, the ability to multiply the impact of exceptional animals on the breeding herd through conventional reproduction is limited. ViaGen helps you more effectively leverage your most valuable pigs by creating genetic twins to enhance breeding efforts and improve performance throughout the herd.

“The ViaGen team is committed to providing you an exceptional client experience from start to finish. As a division of Trans Ova Genetics, we work with the most highly regarded industry leaders to deliver world-class reproductive technology to you, and the livestock industry as a whole.”

Blake Russell President, ViaGen

A Unique History of Success in Cloning Livestock

ViaGen Livestock, along with our parent company, TransOva Genetics, has a history of delivering exceptional results for our livestock and agribusiness clients. Our reputation in the field is unmatched, and we've worked hard to achieve that leading status.

When you work with ViaGen Livestock, you'll be accessing the resources of a company that has invested significantly in researching the science behind animal reproduction and cloning. You'll be working with a company that features the most accomplished scientists in the field. And you'll be partnering with a company that understands your business and has maintained relationships with clients in the industry for decades.