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  Do you remember playing Where is Waldo as a kid?  Or maybe as an adult on the Today Show, Where in the World is Matt Lauer?  Well, how about a good ol’ game of Where in the World is ViaGen?   Every year ViaGen treks all over the country to attend some outstanding shows […]

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Dear Friends: What an amazing 2016 for ViaGen and ViaGen Pets!  The exciting journey continues as we build new relationships with clients and partners.  New foals, calves, piglets, puppies, and kittens always bring excitement and new inspirations.  This year we had the opportunity to follow the many ongoing successes of our clients at the Olympics […]

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Horse herd run in desert sand storm

Ten Top Things We Love About Horses Horses keep us, and our children, out of trouble. Horses require time. Lots of it. The time committed to the care and riding of a horse, will mean less time available to wander in the mall, play video games, and other less healthy activities. Owning a horse, builds […]

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2016 marks a milestone for several incredible scientific breakthroughs. It has been twenty years since Dolly the sheep was born. Dolly was the first mammal produced from an adult somatic (skin) cell. The procedures developed to produce Dolly are still used today in the ViaGen cloning program. Why is that important? Today farmers and ranchers […]

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world food day

World Food Day October 16th is World Food Day.  You are fortunate to live in a land of abundance, but many people around the world do not.  Approximately 800 million people go hungry every day. On this day, where we have enough food to eat, we ask you to ponder these questions: Do you know what […]

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