Common Pig Breeds

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The most common breeds of pigs you might see in the US are:


  • Also known as “Large White”
  • White in color with erect ears
  • Most plentiful breed in US and Canada
  • Large breed
  • Developed in Yorkshire England
  • Very durable with lean meat and low back fat

American Landrace

  • Medium to large breed
  • White with long bodies and ears
  • Developed in Denmark
  • Produces large litters


  • Medium breed
  • Red with partially drooping ears
  • One of the least aggressive of breeds
  • Second most recorded breed in USA
  • Origin unknown but believed Africa
  • Known for quick growth and maturity


  • Black with white belt that covers front leg
  • Erect ears
  • Possibly the oldest American breed in existence
  • Originated in Northern England and Scotland
  • Heavy muscled with lean meat


  • Red with white face similar to Hereford cattle
  • Medium size breed
  • Originated in the US
  • Only 2000 breeding animals remain


  • Black with white on feet, nose and tail
  • Medium to large breed
  • Prized for juiciness, and flavor
  • Originating in English county of Berkshire


  • Floppy eared spotted pig
  • High meat quality
  • Gains weight quickly
  • Ancestor of Poland China and Gloucester old spot

Chester White

  • White pig
  • Originated in Chester County PA
  • Routinely used in commercial crossbreeding

Poland China

  • One of America’s oldest breeds
  • Large Breed
  • Black with white faces, feet and white tip on tail
  • One of most common breeds in USA

Vietnamese Potbellies

  • Originated in Vietnam
  • Small in size
  • Typically used for pets

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