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Genetic donor pictured

Cloned Lamb

Mike Harbour has loved Southdown sheep virtually his entire life.  For over 41 years, he has been in the Southdown business, starting as a young child.  Harbour Livestock is still a family business with Mike and his wife, Connie Jo, and their family, entering into the third generation of raising quality sheep and goats in the heart of Texas.  Today, they raise club lambs and show goats for a very competitive market in Texas with breeding stock and show animals selling to new locations across the U.S.  Harbour Livestock lambs and kids have been incredibly competitive in a very tough junior show landscape.

In 2013, Tristan Harbour had the Grand Champion Southdown Lamb at the Houston Livestock Show with a show stopper.  It was one of the best wethers they had ever raised according to his father, Mike Harbour.  So Mike, elected to produce a Genetic Preservation on this great lamb.  In the spring of  2017, ViaGen produced a cloned buck lamb to this great champion.  “We lost his sire, CO2, 5 years ago, and we are looking for this cloned buck to add the muscle and power back into our program, like CO2 did.  The cloned lamb will be pivotal in our breeding program.  We are very excited about the future with this buck.” said Mike Harbour, Harbour Livestock.

“We are honored that Mike and his family have allowed us to work with this cloned lamb.  Since the day he was born, we have known he was something special.  We can’t wait to see what the future has to hold for him in the Harbour Livestock program”, said Diane Broek, ViaGen’s Sales and Marketing Manager.

ViaGen is very proud to work for great breeders like Mike Harbour.  For additional information on Harbour Livestock refer to their website at For more information on ViaGen’s genetic preservation and cloning services in livestock, horses and pets, simply call 1-888-8ViaGen or view our website at  You can also join us on Facebook and Twitter for more stories about great livestock producers, like Mike, and how they have used this game changing technology to take their flock to the next level.


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