ViaGen Equine Benefits

Ever wish you could have offspring from a champion gelding? Cloning offers the possibility to fulfill that desire by producing an intact male that is genetically identical to a champion gelding. Likewise, as your best mare ages and reaches the end of her reproductive years, you can clone her and then use the new mare to continue to produce offspring.

While not every animal is suitable for cloning, the opportunity to protect and multiply the genetics of superior animals makes cloning a valuable tool for horse owners and breeders.

Cloning also offers a kind of insurance. The impact of injury or loss of a popular stud is greatly reduced if another stud with the same genes is available.

Whatever breed of horse you have, ViaGen will help you:

Horse Success Stories

Description: Rodeo champion Charmayne James introduces her cloned foal Clayton to his genetic donor, the famous barrel racing horse Scamper. [photo: Candace Dobson]

Candace Dobson

Charmayne James and Scamper

Barrel racing champion Charmayne James retired from competition in 2003 in order to devote more time to building her horse breeding program in Athens, Texas.  Scamper, the quarter horse that carried Charmayne to ten of her 11 World Championship titles, is a gelding, which meant that the only way Charmayne could include him in her breeding program would be to clone him and breed his clone.  After doing a bit of research, she found that the decision to clone was easy.

Though the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association has no limits on using cloned horses in competition, Charmayne does not plan to race Clayton, because she regards him as too valuable to risk injury. Instead, she’ll use him exclusively for breeding.


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