Pet Services

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ViaGen is the industry's
premier source of

cloning technology.

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ViaGen can help advance

genetic opportunities

by multiplying the very
best in your herd.

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Preserve genetics as


against unexpected
injury or loss.

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Greatly expand the

reproductive potential

of your top animals.

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Our unique combination of
assets enables us to
offer a complete

customized program

for genetic improvement.

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Extend the

reproductive life

of your top-producing animals.

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ViaGen is the premier animal cloning technology company in the United States. Located in Texas, we specialize in livestock cloning, cattle cloning, horse cloning, bovine cloning, sheep cloning, pig cloning, horse cloning, goat cloning, and cloning pets. Other cloning services by ViaGen include pet preservation, genomic services, preserving animal genetics, gene banking, cryopreservation, express tissue banking, somatic cell nuclear transfer, animal tissue samples, animal and livestock breeding, exotic animal cloning, and cloned embryos.