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At ViaGen, we’re driven by a deep passion to advance the science underlying animal reproduction that supports the interests and desires of our large and small animal owners. Our scientists lead the world in genetic preservation and animal cloning. Over the last two decades we’ve worked diligently to consistently improve the processes at the heart of producing an identical twin to a superior animal by using these cloning techniques.

Everything we do is driven by our commitment to animal welfare. We’re not only scientists; we love animals and we are steadfast in our commitment to treating every animal with the highest standards of care.

ViaGen Livestock’s deeply experienced scientists collaborate with the farmers and ranchers that raise beef and dairy cattle, bucking bulls, pigs, sheep and goats for breeding purposes, exhibit and production.

Our leading animal cloning technology allows breeders to better leverage their most exceptional animals. We have a deep understanding of these industries and are world leaders in animal reproductive technology.

ViaGen Equine works with all breeds of horses to help extend the reproductive life of these majestic animals and insure owners against unforeseen injury or loss. We clone studs that are genetically identical to top-performing geldings.

ViaGen Pets is committed to helping dog and cat owners continue the loving embrace and experience with their animals through the delivery of healthy genetic twins that may embody many of the same personality and behavioral traits.

Over the last two decades, ViaGen has consistently delivered healthy animals to our valued clients. We look forward to working with you and continuing our success together.
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Viagen equine

ViaGen Equine focuses on horse cloning and genetic preservation of horses. Learn more about how we work with owners and breeders.

Viagen livestock

ViaGen Livestock focuses on cattle, pig, sheep and goat cloning as well as other assisted reproductive technologies. Learn more about how we work with farmers and ranchers to create more value in their herd.

Viagen pets

ViaGen Pets focuses on dog cloning and cat cloning, as well as the genetic preservation of your pet. Learn more about how we work with pet parents.

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We're Animal Lovers ...and Scientists

Many of our clients are surprised to learn that ViaGen is not a huge corporation. We’re a small team of dedicated scientists, veterinary specialists and business leaders who have chosen to dedicate ourselves to advancing reproductive and genetic technology for the animals we care about.

Many of us come from farming and agriculture backgrounds ourselves—and are proud animal owners and pet lovers. We’re motivated by our mission of serving animals and the owners who care for them. We treat the animals entrusted to us with the highest standards of care. But what’s equally important is that we treat them as if they were our own by providing loving care and nurture when they are babies. Please take two and a half minutes and watch our video to meet some of our team members.

Embryo Cloning in Pigs

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There once was a piglet named Champ, A barrow that was quite a Hamp. Show after show, He won more than you know, And oh how he made quite a stamp.   So his owners desired a boar, To strengthen their herd up some more. A cell line will be, Used for SCNT, To make […]


How Do Cloned Animals Contribute to the Gene Pool?

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Over the years there have been critics that claim cloned animals do not contribute to genetic diversity. Let me invite you into our world, where cloned animals do contribute to the gene pool in meaningful and unique ways. Let’s start with the basics. Cloning, is simply making an identical twin, that is born at a […]


Ground Breaking Technologies

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Today, you may hear the term Gene Editing in daily conversation.  There are many applications for Gene Editing including targeted gene modification, gene therapy and eradicating diseases. What is Gene Editing in layman’s terms? Genome editing, or genome editing with engineered nucleases (GEEN) is a type of genetic engineering in which DNA is inserted, deleted […]